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Aditi Saxena

15, 1st Floor,
Deepak Society,
Chuna Bhatti,
Near Manoria Heart Hospital,
Kolar Road,
Bhopal - 462042

About Us

While a person can feel better after a coffee session with a friend,this relief is only temporary but for greater emotional distress, talking with a trained counselor helps alleviate anguish for good- although the soothing touch of a coffee cup should still be a part of the routine!

Coffee Shop Counseling is an attempt to provide patient ear, comfort and support to those who need a push to rise above their psychological issues, in the relaxed ambiance of a coffee shop. A perfect place where people can sit back, brainstorm and find the immense possibilities that await them.

Our role as counselor is that of a mere facilitator. Together we shall find ways to empower our clients. The main objective of the exercise is to make the client independent, and to give him tools to deal with the challenges that may appear in the future. The solutions will emanate from them; hence they will stay with them forever.

Overall, our goal is to help you feel more inspired, and help you regain a sense of purpose and direction in your life. If you are ready to design your own pathway to a more loving, peaceful and fulfilling life, contact us.

We,Aditi Saxena and Debasmita Sinha are Clinical Psychologists and Certified Psychotherapist with an MA in Clinical Psychology. Aditi is Certified 16 PF Assessor. We are trained to listen and interact in a way that helps you get to the very root of your emotional concerns. WE adhere to the strictest code of professional ethics when dealing with confidential client information.

The Clients we Work with

• Children
• Teens
• Adults
• Elders

The Counselling Services provided are :

Stress, Depression Anxiety ,

Post-Traumatic Stress (Military/veteran trauma, survivors of natural disasters )

Marital Compatibility Assessment , Pre-Marital counseling, Post-Marital Counselling.

and Career Counselling.