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Alter your thoughts and attitude, the CBT way

29/06/2013 00:54

BHOPAL: With rapid urbanization and heightened anxiety, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is gaining acceptance in Bhopal. In a recent workshop on counseling held in the city, experts identified different psychological disorders that can be cured by CBT.

"CBT is a form of psychotherapy -- most effective, time bound and has a problem-solving orientation. We help patients suffering from negative after-effects of trauma," said city-based consulting clinical psychologist, Aditi Saxena. Psychologists and psychotherapists are helping people change their cognitive process like thoughts, images, beliefs and attitude, she said.

CBT intervention involves active participation of the patient. It involves several rounds of talking. Some prefer to communicate through letter or email and even text messages, Saxena said.

After taking several sessions, a man who was molested in his childhood days, revealed that he felt himself responsible for everything bad that happened around. "We try to modify and unwind such thoughts. CBT helps one become independent of therapist and converts negative thoughts into positive or at least neutralize them," Saxena said.

During the workshop, experts identified disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, which can be cured by CBT. "Sometimes we use smart boards, touch screens and films to dispel fears by developing the cognitive power of a child," said CBT expert Debasmita Sinha.

CBT does not use medication. "We estimate that most people are in need of CBT," Saxena added.